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The global shipping line networks, connectivity and logistics have evolved to a time-perfected modality of international transportation for many centuries. Far N Par has 25 years of experience in Containerized, Break-Bulk and over dimensional cargo shipped from to practically every corner of the globe. We work on a customer centric approach to understand the cargo, destination, timeline and most importantly the cost to ensure the right value each time.
We hold a close a relationship with shipping lines which allows us to access to personalized service that goes beyond just exclusive low rates.
Customs Clearance:
We have our roots strongly implanted in Customs Regulations. Far N Par has been a licensed Customs Agent and providing a professional class service for more than 25 years. Customs documents filing and supervision is only handled by specific staff whose core expertise is to deal with tariff classifications, duty rates, timely and meticulous documentation, forecasting probable customs queries and liaison between customer and customs authorities. Far N Par is known for its in-depth knowledge, prompt, hassle free entry-exit inspection procedures and appropriate and accurate filing for faster customs clearance to avoid delays in the supply chain.

Sea Freight: Services
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