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Far N Par air freight service has given strong support link to its customers for more than decade. Having serviced the air logistics needs of thousands of companies, we continue to explore reliable and cost effective international air freight opportunities for your business advantage. We have held our own IATA license for over 20 years across 5 branches handle more than 2400 metric tonnes of Air Cargo annually.

Industry Expertise:

Our highly trained and experienced staff offer effective planning and handle every nature of cargo through its rules and exceptions of transit regulations. Meticulous access to airline and customs regulations means that even the most complicated shipment is made hassle free to handle appropriately by thorough forecasting and recovery procedures.

Other than cargo of general nature we air lift shipments of industries of:

  • Perishables

  • DGR Cargo (Dangerous Goods Regulation)

  • Temperature controlled Pharmaceuticals

  • Food produce (refrigerated vegetables, fruits)

  • Floriculture products

  • Life Science samples

  • Temperature Cargo

  • Livestock

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Air Freight: Services
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